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2011-01-11 01:49:52 by Rozner

I have made an art!

well whadda ya know

2010-10-10 01:41:50 by Rozner

i'm not dead!


2010-06-11 22:40:54 by Rozner

I should post more drawings.

then i got distracted and found myself some coffee


Art collab

2010-03-25 13:01:43 by Rozner

Working with other people to make things is awesome, even if its just my sister. mbo-Revran-158374143

I did the second and third panels. I AM PLEASED.

i should draw more simple things

2010-03-13 04:07:10 by Rozner

yes? no?

something goes here

2010-02-21 04:51:50 by Rozner

i've been working on a picture for several days

i hope you guys like it


2010-02-13 02:34:03 by Rozner

oxycodone: awesome yet not awesome. It's awesome when i am on it, not so when i'm not on it and i feel like i have to have it immediately or i'm going to be depressed. this is a battle of will right here

my throat is scratchy

2010-02-05 04:41:12 by Rozner

i don't like it at all

whgyt dont yt6ou love me!!!

2010-02-01 05:19:23 by Rozner

m y aryt sinst good enough isnt' it? fuck you bvuhgys gu=f`k

ia dweprewsssiomn